Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MIni Tip

Yesterday I was working with some circuits and kept getting mild electric shocks, or burns that, while not very harmful, very extremely annoying.  However I found a good way to prevent this from happening was to cover some of my fingers in electrical tape, which being not very conductive, stopped further burns from occurring.  Hope this helps if anyone has ever had a similar problem.   


  1. hmm thats interesting, idk if i'l really be around electrical circuits often but i'll make sure i do that when i am!

  2. thats great,
    i am currently re wiring a house we bought to fix and resell (yay)
    although i have had no burns yet, i know the fix now. ;)

  3. actuallly this works very well, also when working inside a computer it help prevent static damage.