Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why Breakfast is the Worst Meal of the Day

So I have been thinking lately about breakfast and have come to the conclusion that breakfast, and not breakfast or breakfast food, is the worst meal of the day.  Ok so I know you are probably thinking "how can breakfast be bad when you have awesome breakfast food to choose from?".
Awesome breakfast food

While I agree that the food pictured above is indubitable delicious by any standards, how many of you actually get to have this everyday.  If you are like me you get to have cereal, thats right boring old cereal, which by the way never held anyone to lunch time.  If you don't agree that cereal is boring think back to the last time you had it and how it made the nutritional info on the box it came in interesting. 
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Plus if you are are either a student or have a job you probably have shit all time to shove a bowl of ass o's down your throat.  To bad cereal is almost as slow to eat as rice and half the time has about the same consistency as glass coated with pure sugar.  This problem is magnified if you have any form of acid reflux at which your stomach will say "fuck this" as soon as you start eating.  

Also when looked at in comparison to other meals breakfast still falls behind.  Dinner, you can literally eat anything at, hell, even breakfast food if you are feeling adventurous.  Even lunch, even though it has much less of a selection then dinner, acts as a break from a day of school or work while breakfast starts off the work/school day.  

So there you have it my somewhat pessimistic view on breakfast.  Next time you have breakfast think about this post and see if you agree.
Evil incarnate


  1. Its the best meal of the day, just the hardest to get in sometimes! I've been trying to bulk up lately and my hardest part is starting to eat early in the morning.

    I don't get much of an appetite till I've been awake a few hours

  2. I don't eat breakfast at all.

  3. I don't even eat breakfast but there is half eaten box's of that healthy cereal shit that tastes like cardboard and 'keeps you regular'.

  4. I really wish i was up most mornings for breakfast, but this post kind of makes me question.

  5. I love cereal. Especially corn flakes mwah!

  6. I barely ever eat breakfast :/

  7. thats why i never eat breakfast.

    well mostly because i wake up late.

  8. I have to force feed myself in the morning. -_-

  9. I generally don't eat breakfast as I don't have time. But man, when we make a nice big hot breakfast... Shiii; one of my favourite things.

  10. BLASPHEMY! It's all sooo delicious, but I usually don't do traditional breakfast foods. I big meat for breakfast fan