Monday, March 7, 2011

How to Make a Fire Ball

So the other day I attempted to make a smoke bomb out of some house hold materials, needless to say this did not go the way I had intended it, however I did learn how to make something equally awesome in the process.
It actually kinda looks like this

The materials you will need are: three ping pong balls, scissors, tin foil, a small screwdriver or pins, tape(optional), and a sparkler.

The first thing you are going to want to do is to cut a small hole in the top of one of the ping pong balls.  The easiest way to do this is to poke a hole in it with a screwdriver or pin and then make it larger with the scissors.  You also want to poke a hole in the bottom of the ball as well. 

Next cut up the other two balls into small pieces.  These have to be small enough to fit through the hole you made earlier.

So now that you have more ping pong ball fragments then anyone should ever have its time to   insert these fragments into the ball you cut a hole in before.
Half way through adding the fragments to the ball it is now time to add your sparkler.  To do this place the wire side into the big hole and out through the one on the opposite end.  In case you are wondering, the sparkler acts as a fuse.  Now continue adding the ball fragments.

Now bend the wire from the sparkler towards the top of the ball so that it touches the other side of the sparkler.  Wrap the wire end of the sparkler around the opposite side of the sparkler.

Now its time to wrap this in tin foil.  This doesn't really require any special methods to be effective, just make sure that the foil is wrapped tightly around the ball.  You can use tape to secure the foil, but in most cases this should not be necessary.

Any there you have it, your own homemade fireball at your disposal.  Just be careful because once this thing has been lit there is no stopping it and eventually it will erupt into a small ball of fire.  Also keep in mind that this is fire so use common sense when using.  I am planning to post a video demonstrating this in action, and hope to have this up this weekend.  


  1. hahaha i actually ended doing something like that once.

    you're suposed to burn the ping pong ball slowly to make the smoke.

    good times.

  2. My neighbors will be met the wrath of the force of 1000 suns...or ping pong balls.

  3. I like you're disclaimer, it's like you actually expect me to set my house on fi-- OH GOD NO.

  4. Sweet idea. I did something similar with smokebombs when I was younger...

  5. friggin sick, im gonna try this!

  6. I hope I do not burn my sweet hand if I try this :D

  7. Haha this is gonna be awesome, make a few of these and throw them at each other with friends.

  8. Neat, now I know, but when would I use it?

  9. nice my own fireball! cool tutorial

  10. Interesting recipe, but can you kill goombas with it?

  11. mwahahaha i will become a true fire mage at last!!!

  12. Hahah :D Looks fun and dangerous.