Friday, March 18, 2011

The Train Story

Whenever I am in a crowded hallway, filled with people who move irritatingly slow, I become extremely ticked off.  However one day as I was navigating through this cluster-fuck I had had a bizarre, yet amazing mental image flash in my head.  All of a sudden I turn into a freight train and effortless mow down any fool who dares stand in my diesel fueled path.  My reaction to this was at first amazement, thinking that I had just come up with the best idea that the world has ever heard off.  But sadly soon after this amazement was met with disappointment, as I began to realize that I would not ever be able to turn into a train.  

You have no idea how happy this scene made me


  1. That might be a good story to tell the psychologist!

    Either way thanks for sharing!

  2. Dont give up hope yet. Who knows? Turning into a train doesnt sound too irrational and far-fetched.

  3. If I barge through people haver a go at me ;]

  4. turning into a train huh?

    sound weird.