Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to Make a Guitar Pick

If you are a guitarist, is low on both money and guitar picks, then here is a guide for you.

The materials that are needed are a thick piece of plastic (membership cards work very well), scissors, a pen or marker, and a guitar pick. 

The first step is to trace the outline of the guitar pick onto the piece of plastic that you are using.  Make it a good outline so that cutting it out will be easier.  If the pen is not working very well on the plastic, then switch to a fine tip marker.

Next take the pick off of the plastic.  You should have a nice outline of a guitar pick now.  Start cutting along this outline.  Take it slow and you will get a better looking pick.

Finish up cutting and then you're done.  I find that these type of picks work very well for playing chords, but not as much for more precise picking.  However these make a good temporary fix and can lead to a collection of unique looking picks.  I also noticed that the texture is slightly different from that of a regular pick, so that might be a turn off for some people.
For when the starving artist needs to look more desperate


  1. Wow great work man! Lookin good.

  2. Awesome, thanks for the guide.

  3. I've done this before, if your cutting is not too straight you can rub the pick on the carpet to sand it smooth.

  4. going to try this next time one of my cards die.

  5. Awesome guide man! Check out my drois guitar tuner

  6. First step - you're going to need a guitar pick. =)

  7. @Chris C. Hehe, I was thinking the same thing.

    Any suggestions for what type of scissors to use? I keep getting shards along the edge.

  8. @ SKS FKF
    I was using scissors that were designed for cutting fabric, although i think that it has more to do with the way that you are cutting then what scissors are being used.